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Mr. Rogers Helped the Little Children

This is a beautiful story by a guy who knew a guy whose life was changed by Mr. Rogers from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. It's an account from a survivor of child abuse.

No way to tell if it's true or not, but it doesn't really matter because the writing is good, the story is real even if it was fabricated (that makes sense to me, hope it does to you too), and I also loved Mr. Rogers when I was a child.

I mean, I watched his show and I have specific memories from it. It definitely left an imprint on me. But it didn't have nearly the effect on me that it did on a certain kid in trouble--that's what I like about the story I linked to above, which directs you to a specific entry from Everything in Black via Tumblr.

And now here's Fred Rogers' Wikipedia page in case you've never read  about the man before. He's pretty much your quintessential nice guy, and you can sound cool to all your hipster friends by talking him up at parties while wearing a sweater like he used to.

He was a friend to millions. Just read the Tumblr story, ok?