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The 11 Best Video Game Cover Bands - SlobsofGaming - We Were a Gaming Site. The Best Gaming Site.

The 11 Best Video Game Cover Bands - SlobsofGaming - We Were a Gaming Site. The Best Gaming Site.

Def. check out Vomitron's Contra medley, ARMCANNON's Mega Man 2 medley, and The Minibosses' Super Mario Bros. 2 medley. All kickass and metal as fuck.

Of course, Uematsu and The Black Mages are always fucking sweet. And I've always loved the Neskimos.


I lay in bed .... Factor of 0

I lay in bed
A factor of one in my head
I just kissed my lady good night and nuzzled my face in her neck for a bit
And I also put the blankets back on Lucy and pulled her a bit farther from the edge o er bed
Work tonight was, as always, draining.
The Sunday night live music is always played well but it's not music I like
In fact now one of those songs are in my head
Tomorrow I wake up whevever Luvy wants to
th e eyes closeeeee
Ok? Scary? What's scary?
She can say bastard, penis, vagina, mama, dada, fork, spoon, salt, eyes closed, squeeeeee!!!


Our Many Selves

Oh man this is too good. I'm burning some pictures of her onto a dvd so I can delete them from my computer. I came across this one.

Cavewoman Lucille Virginia Rose Smith

That's right. We gave our kids four names. Because three is not enough.

How many personalities do you go through in a day? How many versions of yourself do you play as to get through life's trials?

More than three. I figure a four-named kid can make a personality out of each of those names and assign one mood of theirs to that name. For example, perhaps Lucy can assign the nice part of herself to Rose. When Rose comes out, we're all happy and she smells flowery.

Or maybe she can use Rose to assign the insane part of herself. Who knows.

Three names is too boring. My family is royalty. Not because of our heritage, as traditional royalty is founded, but by our values.

Never thought I'd hear myself use the word values like that. But it's true. I am a true believer in 60% of what Rand says, and 100% in the tone of the delivery of that message.

You know, to change the subject, I think I'm going to like having Lucy around while the new baby is growing up. (due date = may 9)

Today and for the past few days she's been learning how to cry on demand. Oh man is she good at it. Today, ... well, let me paint you the scene:

She hit her head on the wall on the way into her room. I didn't see it at the moment of impact, but I saw it coming when I looked away, even though she was fully capable of not letting her head hit the wall. She loves to move and not look where she's moving. So fuck stopping her. No way. I'm not gonna lift one finger.

So I hear the thud, sure enough, and I say, from the couch, "Did you hit your head? Are you okay?" And she didn't answer, and went into her bedroom to put the toy away, and then she came back out to the couch, and THEN started crying. Yeah, she was saving that one up just for me. And I picked her up onto the couch with me and hugged her for like a minute and then put her down. She then wanted to lead me by the hand somewhere, cause she grabbed my finger gently and went, "Sah?"

"Why don't you pick up your books first?"

This begins the funny part. She starts putting her books away, but she's trying to put a big book on the small shelf, and she can't make it fit, and she starts crying. But she never stops trying to put the book where it won't fit. And I'm laughing as I type this. So here we have a toddler, with a bunch of butterfly clips in her hair and a ponytail in a cute dress, crying for all she's worth, bloody mercy, trying to put a book back on a shelf where it doesn't fit. It's hilarious to me!

Not because I like seeing her suffer, but because she's making herself suffer. For almost nothing. I just sat there on the couch. I told her she didn't have to cry. But she's at this point in her life where she's so excited to be able to say one word at a time that she just says, through sobs, "Cry!" Even hilariouser! Then she goes, "Baby!"

But she made the book fit, on top of the other books, and then, sobbing the whole time, she finished putting back all six books that were on the floor. Then I told her good job, nice work, that's my good little girl, and I'm thinking right now that maybe I shouldn't call her a little girl anymore, and then, after the big subtle hint, I thought it was probably time to put her down for a nap.


I love co-ops

Sickly dada mourns temporary loss of health

This cold is kicking my fucking ass. Motherfucking kicking my sorry ass.

I'm gonna have to call Joel today, the dreaded call he doesn't want to receive, and tell him he's probably gonna have to be the one to work for me tonight. He said he would do my Monday, but couldn't do Sunday, cause he had plans w/friends (something from my past, I vaguely recall being able to make plans...), but he would do Sunday if I got worse.

Well, here I am! Hi, I'm Worse.

See I only work Sun and Mon nights. I work part time cause I've got a full-time job at home, which is only about to get harder (May 9, come quick plz). I thought I would be able to get thru my shift tonight, what with how I felt yesterday at around 4 o'clock, but by early evening last night, I was done for. Kaput.

My entire body aches and I haven't gone anywhere or done anything for about two days. My head is killing me with all this sinus pressure from all the snot I'm constantly blowing out of my nose into these mercifully soft tissues. I have to have peppermint tea going at all times, cause it's the only thing that loosens up the drivel in my face. 

You know what did it? You know what gave me this Killer Kold? This:

I just wanted Little Lou to have a playdate! She had a good time, too. It's my friend Todd's daycare. It's not a legally recognized "DAY CARE FACILITY" as is defined by WA state, so he's running it as a Cooperative. I love Co-ops. Anyway, you get the same six kids together, five days a week, and they're bound to trade all their sick germs back and forth. They must have a gazillion immunities to a gazillion different strains of sickness.

Then you put Lucy and I into the mix, us softies, us two hermits who just pretty much stay home and go for a walk outside around our neighborhood every day, us two who don't interact with other kids too much, us two with almost NO immunities, and we're bound to get sick. It's hitting me harder than Lucy. She's been a little snotty, but not like dada. Oh, no. Not like this.


A great idea for a show


So, perhaps this would be one episode of a larger thing, or just one thing in itself, 

but here's the premise:

Megan and Lucy and I, left-to-right, are the shadows in front of the screen, and we're watching 24. And it would start out with us all sitting there, uniform.

But that would only last 5 seconds cause Lucy, in her can't-sit-still fashion, would get up and run around and grab books and say stuff, play with her toy phone, and Megan and I will make fun of 24 in the meantime.

It's gonna be huge. Mostly because 24 is subtlety-free and SO EASY to mock. I mean, they just leave themselves wide open for it the whole time.

(we're on season 4, I love Chloe)


Blathering I: Forks and Birthdays

How dull can you make a toddler fork? You make that thing too dull and rounded and it works better as a spoon. I guess my kid's better about not stabbing herself with silverware than other kids. That's probably why there are also real toddler forks that are sharp, and a parent can choose what fork to give their kid. Choices, choices. To stab, or not to stab oneself's eye? We have one dull, colorful fork, and two no-nonsense, silver, sharp forks. We're all fans of the later in this house.

In other news, my brother Ian came down to Seattle from the northern land of Bellingham. He dropped off many fine musics for our many birthdays in a row. Not only did he bring me three metal cds to rip, he bought Megan and I four non-metal records for our birthdays. He also got Lucy four Hot Wheels cars, but he didn't seem to be satisfied with the New Toy effect they had on Lucy. Even though she played with them a lot that night.

He's probably feeling a version of what all parents feel when a kid is disappointed with a new toy you gave them.

See, in our house we've got four birthdays, four months in a row:
Feb 27: me
March 11: Lucy
April 28: Megatron
May 9 (tentatively): Whoever that is in there.

I used to say that Lucy has usurped my birthday, cause it's so close to mine, but if our second kid is born on time, Megan's birthday will be even more usurped. There are 12 days between mine and Lucy's birthdays, but there will tentatively be 11 between Megan's and new baby's.

If that's the case, I'll be making lots of jokes about how Megan's womb must be more comfortable than most, cause neither baby wanted to leave it on time. However funny those jokes happen to be remains to be seen.

Family visits are cool.

Here are three pictures of Lucy doing what she does best from last week at Sandpoint Park, right next to the dog park.