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Online Character Creation, Current Obsession, Job Update (tbc)

Every time I look at my blog, I see the last entry I wrote, right? That's what's always on top. Invariably, I think, every time, "God! What an idiot. I have to write a new entry to clear this up."

Then I think, "Don't say the Lord's name in vain." I mean, even if you're not religious, there's no point, right?

It's part of my overall thought process, that this blog should be all me, all the time. But there are things about me I don't want to tell the world. So then teh blog becomes not an honest depiction of myself, but a measured one, a fabricated one.

But I must have my online personality, right? I always thought I could transcend that notion, that of having to 'craft' something of yourself, a facsimile, a wayward notion that diverts from what's true, in the interest of self-marketing. Would it not be better to have a truly human online representation, free from self-editing, free from error (because if you're free, there is no error).

Alas, that is not what people want to see. And for good reason—every person's already got that side of themselves covered. Everyone else is just like me, human, more human than they can likely stand, full of error.

Maybe the answer is that, in a fabricated self, there can, in reality, be no error. You craft your online persona as an author, an auteur, a Hemingway or a Marx or a Xiaolin, and you are its master.
So lately I've been checking this and this every day, waiting with baited breath. There are new developments every day, seemingly banal to the non-Fallout fan, but to a full-blown NCR / Ceasar's Legion / Brotherhood of Steel inductee, conqueror of the water purifier and Malcolm McDowell's President Eden, every small change in the Morse Code, and every new small page that's discovered is like PURE DRINKABLE GOLD.

The hardest part is not fully knowing whether it's attached to Bethesda, that they've been tight-lipped about it, and that it might be a hoax. I mean, the hype train is certainly a'rollin on this one, folx.

More importantly, I've been learning a lot in my Bid Kid Job Hunt. In the meantime, working at Sundance Cinema, down on the corner of NE 45th St. and 9th Ave NE, just on the western outskirts of the U. District. My manager and schedule-writer there just gave me Thanksgiving off to spend with my Smith Family contingent in Bellingham, during what's projected to be Sundance's busiest weekend yet.

The Hunger Games is out, people. #3 in the series, is it? Catching Fire, or some subtitle? I just helped to get us through our two busiest days ever, last Fri and Sat nights, slingin food like a baus, keeping a cool head and earning that paper. So the fact that I got what's projected to be a busier night off, says that both, they must like me, and they must be cool people.

Lemme go take a webcam shot of me and the kids before I continue.

Aah, I'm done. Gotta go outside with these chickies.

It will be good to spend the holidays with family.