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Cross-Post, Sound Revue: Ghost, acoustic in seattle, family-friendly

What follows is a re-post from my music blog, Sound Revue. It's so family-focused, I figured it would fit here on my parenting blog really well. Original link. Enjoy.

Ghost—acoustic in Seattle, family-friendly

Papa, the Ghouls, and my girls

The Ghost show at Silver Platters was hot, stuffy, harder for my wife and I than possibly anyone else there—and totally worth it.


r/Parenting post posits potential parental wordplay problems

Hey fam, I wanted to share some Reddit shiz that I found, and found funny.

Below is a link to a post on r/parenting that made the front page today.


7 Reasons to Click This Link

  1.  It could have been good.
  2.  My beat is correct.
  3.  My dadhood is the rockest.
  4.  Star, and bucks, mixed together, yield so much more than pure market value.
  5.  Do you click clickbait like this with frequency? If so, tell me more.
  7.  What if I did outline seven reasons to click the link you clicked? Would you have been more satisfied with the outcome of this blog entry?

Please screw your entry thoughts into the comment bard.