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Laser Chickens

(this is an old post that I found as a draft and decided to post w/o editing--Beatrix is 6.5 now)

Photo from literally 1 minute ago
My younger daughter asked me today, "Are there laser chickens?"

She'll be five next month. She probably saw laser chickens on a tv show, SheZow most likely—a show that's almost too mature for them.


Megan got a promotion and all I do is complain

Today was a special day.

Let me back up.

My wife was recently promoted at work—which has meant many things, all of them good. We’re very happy at home now. The change from hourly to salary work has brought in more money, and all four of us have undergone positive lifestyle changes since. The only downside is that she travels for work now, and is home less. Currently she's in Los Angeles, learning a brand new system for a planned rollout of new stores under a new name, and a new ground-up internal approach. Saying too much about it here might not be good for the company, so let me approximate by saying it's an ambitious idea, and I personally hope it gets off the ground, because it sounds like it's going to be beneficial for not only the public, but the employees. That's just an example of the kind of stuff Megan's been doing in her new position. It’s all been new, and really good for her, our kids, and I.


Don't We Want to Know Why We're All Here and Having Babies and Stuff?

Prejudices impede us as not only a society, but an entire human race. Societies are temporary and fickle, yet the human race survives. Are we built on upon a system of stacking fickle systems? Are we improving our systems as we move along? That would be ideal. Because I want to know why we're all here, and we're still busy kicking dead horses.


Delete all pictures of your kids on social media to protect them

Saw this today. I think it's legit. Thoughts? Feelings?

Privacy and security for my family are always in the front of my mind. To which dangers am I exposing my kids by #sharenting? Predicting potential postponed problems appears problematic, but a parsing of paring on my part would perhaps potentially predominantly protect my poffspring, per their paternal... pater.


Second Parent-Teacher Conference (1st Grade, Lucy)

So Megan and I had our second parent-teacher conference ever. This time, it was 1st grade—Lucy, Ms. Merlin, Megan, and I. Beatrix played on the toy rug. Picture a half-circle table, very rounded, Ms. Merlin sitting on the inside, and Lucy between Megan and I, directly across from Ms. Merlin.

The format of this thing was a surprise to us, as it mostly consisted of Ms. Merlin talking directly to Lucy. Megan and I weren’t addressed much at all. Not that I have anything against it, even looking back—Ms. Merlin’s message was one of support and understanding, as well as some genuine affection for Lucy—but it was a surprise.


Cross-Post, Sound Revue: Ghost, acoustic in seattle, family-friendly

What follows is a re-post from my music blog, Sound Revue. It's so family-focused, I figured it would fit here on my parenting blog really well. Original link. Enjoy.

Ghost—acoustic in Seattle, family-friendly

Papa, the Ghouls, and my girls

The Ghost show at Silver Platters was hot, stuffy, harder for my wife and I than possibly anyone else there—and totally worth it.


r/Parenting post posits potential parental wordplay problems

Hey fam, I wanted to share some Reddit shiz that I found, and found funny.

Below is a link to a post on r/parenting that made the front page today.


7 Reasons to Click This Link

  1.  It could have been good.
  2.  My beat is correct.
  3.  My dadhood is the rockest.
  4.  Star, and bucks, mixed together, yield so much more than pure market value.
  5.  Do you click clickbait like this with frequency? If so, tell me more.
  7.  What if I did outline seven reasons to click the link you clicked? Would you have been more satisfied with the outcome of this blog entry?

Please screw your entry thoughts into the comment bard.


Back-from-vacation update

Pious Mighigan defiled by Seattle Grease

I was looking forward to writing, "Earlier today, I was in Michigan. Tomorrow I won't be able to say the same thing," and throwing it out on the internet.

But getting off a plane, having a booster seat lost by the airline, having my wife and kids wait on one side of the airport while I dealt with a customer service guy on the other, Megan's feet burning from bug bites, and my kids just wanting to get the eff out of the airport and go home, and then the unpacking and making of food really quick, and having to do a quick grocery shop, eeeeehhhh I was just a liiiiittle bit tired. So a simple social media update was not going to happen.

Anyway, yesterday I was in Michigan. It had been five years. Lucy's first birthday was so long ago!


First Parent-Teacher Conference, Sixth Birthday Surprise School Visit

I know, right? Talk about traumatic. It was a earlier in the year, but I never blogged about it, and I'm going to tie it in to a birthday story.