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Things The Beans has been doing as of late

So here are some new things about Lucy. She is:

1. Loving the Sesame Street
  A. No longer completely hiding when Elmo comes on
    a. Calls him "Elway". I have made up a character based on this name: Elmo's black brother, who plays in the NBA. More to follow on Elway.
  B. Doing impressions
    a. Of The Count ("Ah, ah, ah...")
2. Counting all the time
  A. Wanting me to sing this song SS wrote about one thru 20 all the time
  B. Singing the first few numbers of said song
  C. In a good mood when she's counting--when she's scared or sad she just clams up
3. Taking thumb tacks out of the posters and doesn't want me to take them away from her
4. Saying colors--green, blue, purple
5. Asking for ice cream ALL THE TIME
6. Telling me when she wants to go outside ("Gah? Side? Gah! Side!")
7. Grabbing my hand and pulling me places (cute beyond belief) when she wants whatever

In summary: my daughter, at 22mo, is doing impressions, singing, and becoming more expressive.

Can't wait to see how she reacts to the new baby in a few months.


Dirty parenting

Lucy has this little pink car and a little girl doll that goes in the car. She brought them both to me just now, while I was doing some stupid bullshit on the computer. I showed her how to put the doll in the car. The doll has a hole in the middle of the bottom of her feet, which goes onto this little pole on the car.

So I said to Lucy, "You just put the hole on the pole."



I lay in bed 5

Man, it rules.
I used to think that those who are too satisfied need to work harder,
but right now,
I think I'm satisfied.

It's dark. The night comes upon me as I lay in bed.
The night envelops my family and I
In its temperatureless blanket embrace

Nothing to complain about today, or yesterday.
the little one grows older and talkerer
the big ones grow tireder

Our The Fetus is either a boy or a girl
but it does not have any abnormalities
It will be perfect the baby

Perfect, The Baby

Here's hoping for more satisfaction,
in the way of dreams,
the working weeks to come,
and the years they stretch out to be


In light of some bad news about a friend...

I'd like to say that it's so easy to complain about raising your kids, but after I got into the routine of raising one, and then, less than two years later, another is on the way, I realize that I need my kid. My kid makes me happy and my nurturing instinct is in full swing.

I like where my life is at right now. There are hills and valleys, but I've struck a sweet deal. I don't want it to change in any way.

I say this because,
today I heard that a friend miscarried. She was due in two weeks.
image courtesy of

Black Heartbreak Unbearable 
Unimaginable her Sorrow

I'm sorry.


What to do, what to do...

The toddler's asleep, what do I do? I have that precious free time now.

I am satisfied sexually, so that eliminates one option.

Read? No.
Play guitar? No.
Blog? Ok, blog a little. 
Blog a little while playing Fallout: New Vegas? 



Sleeping dada wokened by fuzzy bear girl

Lucy woke me up this morning with cuddles. She wanted to climb into bed with me, and I thought she'd want to jump around. But she lay with me right in my bed with the blankets up and I had my arms around her. She grabbed my fingers. It was great. We could see outside. There was blue sky and pigeons were perched on power lines.

Now I'm feeding her a meal that's pretty different than the eggs and bread and milk I usually give her. Today it's guacamole, a few tortilla chips, some blue cheese and bacon macaroni and cheese from work last night mixed with some other crazy cheese sauce that contains fontina, gouda, roquefort, goat, and blue cheese, and piles of raisins, cashews, and green grapes. This is all in little piles. Small portions.

Right now she's counting and wants me to count with her. She keeps skipping three.