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20 Clauses Describing Halloween

20 clauses
COM 359

The drive to the rendezvous house was beyond frustrating
We got quite lost
It added at least fifteen minutes to the trip
The baby was crying a lot
Lucy was babbling
Usually I would think it was cute
It was dark outside, 6:30 p.m.

Lucy was distracted as I was getting her out of the car seat
I snapped at her
“Stop fighting me!” I snarled as I forced her arms out of the straps
She was scared as I set her down on the pavement
She was crying and went to mama
My outburst helped to make her less confident as the night went on
I think I should make a vow to myself
To never ruin another holiday with a bad mood again

She also seemed a little neurotic, however
Started the Trick or Treating very nervous and scared
Wanted mama very bad at first
She reminded me of myself at that age-cries easily

Took a couple tries to watch how the bigger kids did it
When she learned that you get candy from every house, she got into it
She choked on her first piece of candy
She couldn’t wait to eat it
She didn’t know you’re supposed to stockpile, not eat as you go
I obliged
She shoved it all in her mouth
Scared the shit out of me
She managed to swallow it
Red-ish Twizzler drool on her chin
Strangers stopping to see if they needed to perform CPR
Was very scared at this point—a peak
Megan and I wanted her to walk through it and be strong
She got over it
She started having fun

I am proud of my little girl beyond words
Lucy wanted to walk inside every participating house
One house was made up to look like a UFO
The older lady answering the door was in full alien costume
Saying only “Bleep, bleep, bloop,” in monotone.
Cloth sheets with spaceship sides drawings covered the front of the house
A sheet sporting a drawing of the top of a spaceship, and some stars and black space, covered the roof
Black light was involved somewhere

There were other families and kids all around
Walking by us on the sidewalk-less street sides
Kids were falling down and crowding one another in excitement
It took much parental energy
I stayed by Lucy the whole time
Went up to the lit doors with her
Sometimes engaged the candy givers
Snapped what pictures I could
I never want her to forget this night

Lucy made it
Barely keeping up with the big kids
Dressed up like a hippie
With flowers in her hair


Pumpkinous and Record

Level 1: 

'Grunge' doesn't describe this album very accurately

"Cause in your sad machines you'll forever stay burning up in speed, lost inside the dreams of teen machines" - Corgan, "here is no why"

Look at me...Don't look at me!
Yeah, I put Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness on to entertain us all. It doesn't make me a wuss. I like this double LP. It begins beautifully--no matter how many times "tonight, tonight" was played on the radio and MTV during my high school years, its effect is not lost on me. It just took 10 years for the monotony to wear off so I could enjoy it again.

While it is super easy to make fun of the Pumpkins, given Corgan's eccentricities in his personal, public, and musical lives, I've always been a fan. Right up until Machina: The Machines of God and Machina II: The Friends and Enemies of Modern Music, my personally favorite albums by the band.

My friend Joey and I used to sing "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" as screechy as possible. What was once a song of massive importe while young and impressionable is now trendily mocked by pretentious Seattlites who are somehow above the grunge movement and nineties culture.

I showed the Mellon Collie cd case to Lucy, asking her if she wanted to listen to it. She responded negatively--didn't even want to touch it or look at it. As if to say, "Dad, you know I don't like new things or any of your music." And also her reaction said, "I'm really not in the mood for this guessing game right now, I don't even know what that thing is you're shoving in my face!"

Reach! For the INSPIRATION!
As soon as the first notes of the first song played, the mood instantly calmed down. What a great album opener. You know what I'm talking about.

A couple weeks ago I put on Pearl Jam's Ten. That day, I was fully desiring music to 1.) take my mind off the monotony of daily life, 2.) take my kids' minds of the monotony of daily life, 3.) to take the household mood into a more rocking direction. The whole album played and we were comforted. Thank you, young Pearl Jam dudes working hard to establish their place in Rock with their debut album. And it's acceptable for kids--no swearing except for that one line in Jeremy.

When I'm having a tough time of the fatherhood deal, putting on some rockin tunes lifts me out of the funk trunk.

Perhaps all this jive is simply meant to relay advice. Here's the advice:
     Music is there. Utilize it.
          1. Shamelessly enjoy music that speaks to you
               A. Don't overthink others' opinions regarding the music you enjoy
          2. Enjoy said music frequently
               A. It helps you stay in a good mood
                    Aa. Everyone will find you more pleasant
          3. The wrong kind of music will upset the mood
               A. Choose something that is pleasing for the whole house
                    Aa. Kids don't really like (most) metal

Yes I grew up in the nineties. I find nostalgia for that period attractive.

Level 2: 

Trying to show a 2-yr-old how to play a record

After all the Pumpkins today, I put on Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, cause Lucy loves it. It was her first choice of activity after I forced the tv off.

"Listen to music? On the record!"

Thought I'd give the little Beans some music more along her taste lines, just to be fair. If I can have my music, she can rightly have hers. But this time I decided to let her feel the sweat and pride of a job well done by trying to coach her through the process--putting the record on the player, moving it around so the metal thing comes through the hole in the middle, raising the needle, moving the needle SIDEWAYS! not DOWN!, and lowering the needle GENTLY! It would have been a headache if I weren't so calm and cool.

She gave up before the last few steps, discouraged by my saying 'no' more firmly than I intended. She'd scratch the needle on the record or push it too far over, and I was worrying the vintage record would become too scratched to play. There was a balance to strike between nice and soothing, and firm and authoritative. My strike veered more toward the later when she was scratching the record, and toward the former when she was calm and smooth.

So then that played and we all lived normally ever after until 1:46 which is the time right now.



There's so much I want to be doing, but I can only pick one thing to do at a time. I mean, in one single instance. This is not to say I'm not multitasking.

Currently Lucy is watching Yellow Submarine, I'm telling her to keep her feet off the vcr, and BB is in her crib, crying. Oh lovely life.

Yeah so let me make this quick.

School has been awesome. I'm totally enjoying myself. Busy as shit, but it's mad real yo.

Florangela is a cool Writing for Mass Comm teacher. She emphasizes writing skills (grammar, sentence structure, style, storytelling, blogging, developing an online writing presence) that I sort of already am a dork about. It's like the class was secretly tailored to my interests. She even made fun of me for having long hair, a prerequisite for me liking a teacher.

Ciara is a sweet Spanish 101 teacher. She's got two MA's in women's studies and literature, and she's sweet and sassy.

Spanish class always lasts the whole two hours and 20 minutes allotted, and we cover lots of textbook territory each time. She must have her flow down, or we as a class like her, because the classes don't seem particularly lengthy. Participation--speaking in Spanish--is a large part of the class experience. This is not easy for my classmates or I, and the time flies underneath all the rapt attention required just to keep up.

Spanish is the more difficult class for me, obviously. Tonight we have our third quiz. Flashcards don't malfunction on me now!


In the interest of wildly switching topics, yet still retaining the theme of the blog, My strategy worked! It's not a new one, mind you. It's been tested before on a previous test subject.

I let BB hang out in the crib with her toys for a bit, allowing her to become frustrated with her inability to do most anything she desires, thereby crying. After ten minutes or so I went back in, put her blankets on, plugged her pacifier in, let her squeeze my finger with one hand, and sorta rubbed her head and let my arm rest medium-heavy on her chest. She was out in a few minutes, and I got the satisfaction of both watching her fall asleep, a cute baby aspect no matter how cold your heart is, and of the relief that I didn't have to make her fall asleep alone.

Recently I read in a brochure from the doctor's office or hospital or Seattle childcare people in some capacity that one ought to put one's baby down at the same time every day, be they tired or not. This seemed like great advice to me, until I began to consider putting it into practice.

What got me through the tough times of Lucy napping was rolling with the punches. Some days she'd want to nap at noon--some days 2 pm. It went in waves of several months at a time. I'd get good and used to having her fall asleep at noon, and after a while she just wouldn't be tired enough to put down until a few hours later. We would always fight when I'd put her down before she was ready. It frustrated me to no end, partially because of my mindset that THE CLOCK WAS TELLING ME IT WAS TIME. Such a rigid system of having a child nap, I realized, may work for some, but not I. Eventually I learned to just wait until she was tired before initiating nap protocols, and to stay flexible.

Now that Lucy's 2 and 7.7 months old, +/-0.5, her naps are easy. She's even started to sometimes tell me ... now get ready for this ... that she needs a nap. And she'll lay down in bed all by herself. Unbelievable. She's getting SO OLD! It's time to put her in a home.

Seriously, she's getting so old. She talks well and learns new words and sentences every day. And her face and body are visibly developing before my eyes, albeit at glacial speed. Always wants The Beatles. Her faves: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (I'm not kidding), Yellow Submarine, Hello Goodbye,  and Nowhere Man.

Now she wants the tv off. I assume she'll want something else after that. Later.


Well, I haven't published this yet, so I'll write more. My days are a constant process of doing many 


And since I wrote those words I was once again interrupted. It's useless. If I want to type something and not pay attention to the girls for any amount of time, I just... can't.

My days are a constant process of doing many small jobs, with moments of sanity and quiet and still peppered in.

Anyway, with the sleeping thing--
   A Case For
   I could see my way of being flexible with nap times messing with bedtimes. Lucy wanted to take a nap an hour earlier than usual today. She also woke up an hour earlier this morning, when Megan was getting ready for work. See a connection?
   This seems to be the crux of the reasoning behind the sleep-on-a-strict-schedule rule: to keep your kid's sleeping consistent, so they stay healthy and well-adjusted. I don't put the girls to bed very often anymore, cause my classes run thru bedtime, but Megan puts them to bed at 8 p.m. like clockwork. Which helps me keep them on a tighter than loose nap schedule.
   A Case Against
   BB's naps and sleeping times are inconsistent, and there's not much I can do about it. It's easier to run with it, for now. Sometimes she sleeps until 7am, when Lucy and I get up; sometimes she's up at 5, in which case she takes a nap between 7 and 8:30 or so. So right at the start of the day, she might or might not nap. 

And I'm not fucking dealing with her crying in the crib any more than I absolutely have to. That shit is maddening.

Okay I feel better.



is the only entry showing that stupid Twitter mosaic one? That's the last fucking time I give into new silly little stupid things that take what already exists (Twitter) and warps it into something else unnecessary and useless.