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Built Upon Solid Rock

One time I was riding the bus as a little kid and I flipped the bus driver off behind her back and she saw me in the big mirror above her head. She said she was going to write me up. I told my mom after school. Pissed. She called Mrs. Gunia to have me apologize. I remember her tone of voice and the feel of the phone to my ear and my mom standing over me, arms crossed, watching as I said to Mrs. Gunia, "I'm sorry I gave you the finger today on the bus." She said, "That's okay. You know, I didn't write you up." My mom taught me that you have to correct your mistakes as soon as you make them, and it means talking to people and apologizing to them when you've stepped in the poo. Being a real person. She also made me write thank you notes to people who gave me gifts. If I have any good qualities at all today, it's because she gave the solid foundation on which to build them. So now instead of a toast to you, Kathleen AB, because day drinking is irresponsible, I'm going to do dishes for the mother in my current life before I go cook for other people.


Composing for "I May Have Seen the Devil"

So here are a few pictures of me doing this play thingy. Check out our Indiegogo page at the link below. The music playing during the video is my own.

The first two pictures below were taken at Seattle's Littlest Performers, on the north side of the Ave. They rent rehearsal rooms. We didn't kick any kids out. Honest. It was my first rehearsal with this bunch. Improvising, I came up with a full piece, containing a beginning, middle, and end, with just my guitar and a delay pedal.

Everyone reacted positively, telling me it sounded good and made the scene more enjoyable for them, in various ways. One actor told me it helped her find her groove. Another told me at a later rehearsal that when my guitar sounds swell up it gives her goosebumps during her lines.

We were off to a good start.

These next few were taken at Theater Puget Sound, within the Seattle Center. Here I tried my hand at some bass improv, and came up with some really ghostly, sorrowful chord shapes to be played during a funeral scene.

All photos by Alejandro Stepenberg