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Stills: Ian's Last WA Dayz

13.06.23 - canon, a set on Flickr.
My brother spent his last few Washington weeks in a daze of packing, preparing, tying up loose ends, catching up, and saying goodbye. Here are some photos I took during that time.

The blue porch is my place. Ian visited us, for what we thought might be the last time, when he had about two weeks left in WA. But then we were all like, "Gnaw man, this can't be it. Let's go up to Bellingham to help him pack up the last of his possessions and see him off proper, till his last minutes here."

So the second half of this set was taken in Bellingham. We carted ourselves up there to see him off, shacking up at Guy and Laurie's house. Always accommodating, that aunt and uncle of mine.

The pics at the bar were from their oldest kid (our cousin) Jared's 22nd birthday. It fell on the last night Ian could really party in this state.


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I'm going to throw a lot at you, for real. Ready?

There's an article for you from HuffPost Parents, about things parents should try to avoid saying to non-parents.