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Megan got a promotion and all I do is complain

Today was a special day.

Let me back up.

My wife was recently promoted at work—which has meant many things, all of them good. We’re very happy at home now. The change from hourly to salary work has brought in more money, and all four of us have undergone positive lifestyle changes since. The only downside is that she travels for work now, and is home less. Currently she's in Los Angeles, learning a brand new system for a planned rollout of new stores under a new name, and a new ground-up internal approach. Saying too much about it here might not be good for the company, so let me approximate by saying it's an ambitious idea, and I personally hope it gets off the ground, because it sounds like it's going to be beneficial for not only the public, but the employees. That's just an example of the kind of stuff Megan's been doing in her new position. It’s all been new, and really good for her, our kids, and I.