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I just purchased this used. Craigslist is a marvelous thing these days. The kid I bought it from even showed me how Linux works. You can rotate stuff in 3d! He had a badass laptop, and also two other ones on the same desk. What you need three computers on one desk for is beyond me. And all of them running.

Anyway, he threw in an xlr cable, too. I would have had to drop more cash on one of those--my bartering skills worked this time. But now, apparently, I'm on the road to being Mr. Big Rich Star of Rock. Or, in other words, making recordings of my songs. I mean, I could before, but now it should sound legitimater than my last mic pre-less recordings sound. Oh, I'm so excited.

Now I just need to download the program that's required to use it fully. Bore. This is really a piece of equipment designed for digital recording. Some analog, vinyl purist I am.

Someday I should make a list of my vinyl collection.

When I was in Porkfist with Eddie Jackson, we only begrudgingly recorded digitally. But--we only did whole-song-takes. Meaning, no overdubs. Every track on every song goes from the beginning to the end of the entire song. No patch ins. We did record tracks separately, though. The drums and rhythm guitar were recorded simultaneously, tho. I DIGRESS We got an analog-type sound with digital recording.

With Jason Kefalas, we did everything shamelessly digitally. But we were industrial boys and that's the way that's done. We were crazier than Porkfist. By the way, Jason's solo project is really sweet. Listen to "Traveller."

And with my Seattle band... ugh, let's not talk about that.

Point is, everything has been done digitally, and will continue to be.

Really weird guy at Molly Moon's tonight. Vancouverian, two daughters and one infant I couldn't determine the sex of. Really, really wanted to talk. Was loud. Embarrassing his wife all over the place. She was so annoyed with him. "I mean, am I right? You know what I'm talking about, right? Family's the most important thing in life. I mean, isn't it? She's laughing at me. What are you laughing at, honey? Oh, always spreading my message." Couldn't pay attention to the ice cream cone in one hand, the bowl of Lucy's ice cream in the other, and trying to feed Lucy as she became more restless, and listening to this guy banter on for-fucking-EVER. Megan agreed. That guy was total buzzkill.


Red Dead Redemption is good

So good in fact that it can make me genuinely pissed off when I consistently fail at particular missions. The feeling is the same as that in high school when playing NES and SNES and the like. Megan and Lucy hear me making these monster sighs, too, and I know it spreads bad vibes around.

I just unlocked the northern territories. Beautiful stuff. Riding horseback through snowcapped mountain trails. The stuff of novels.


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Baby Einstein is weird

It's totally not metal at all. Mostly it's video of toys, puppets, animals, and kids. All the toys featured in the videos are conveniently available for purchase on the website, too.

I think of when I got G.I. Joe dolls and X-Men and all that stuff. When a company releases a cartoon for kids, it's a gold mine of paraphernalia waiting to happen--toys, posters, clothes, all depicting characters or scenes or whatever from the cartoon.

Before and after the show they advertise "Little Einstein" for preschoolers. 'Buy our stuff! Buy more of our stuff!' When the toddler is too old for it, they've got you covered--with more tv. You could practically home school your kids on this stuff.

Lucy only owns the Numbers Nursery and Shakespeare episodes. I'd love to get my hand on the Vincent Van Goat colors one. They had that online for the longest time, it made her so happy, but then they took it off one day. Khaaaan! I mean, BABY EINSTEIIIIIN!


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The Rainbow Connection

The song that opens The Muppet Movie is "The Rainbow Connection." It has amazed me. Bittersweet lyrics. Right the hell up my alley, describing oneself as separate from the lovers and dreamers of the world. It's like being stuck in your small hole in the world and what it feels like to be amazed by showbiz and stars and happiness, and to know you can reach it, one day, but you're, for now, just ... stuck. Among many, many other things.
Have you been half asleep, and have you heard voices? I've heard them calling my name. Is this the sweet sound that calls the young sailor? The voice might be one and the same. I've heard it too many times to ignore it; it's something that I'm supposed to be.
Oh, and let's not forget the opening line:
Why are there so many songs about rainbows and what's on the other side?

I'd like to do a cover of this song. It's one of the only songs that gets me more for the lyrics than the music. That rarely happens with me. Probably good there's no guitar in there for me to dissect and critique.

Could a metal cover work for that? Maybe. I dunno. Have to learn the chords first. I think maybe a more Steely Dan-ish cover would work better. I'd probably have to make it so that the music was less interesting than the vocals.

And after that, there's "Movin Right Along," and then "Can You Picture That?" ! Those songs both rule too! I've had MRA stuck in my head for like a month now. I even wrote lyrics to a mock-MRA song. Want to read them?

Watching my girl watch TV

Lucy loves to watch tv. Don't all kids? Her favorites have always been Baby Einstein videos--we have one about numbers 1 - 5, and another one about ... poetry, loosely. She's a Baby Einstein slave. Her other favorites are The Muppet Movie and Muppets Take Manhattan. Megan purchased both of those before she even met me. Lucky for Lucy, I suppose. But with both of those, she only wants to watch the opening songs, and then MAYBE ten more minutes of talking she doesn't understand. She loves the songs only! That's my girl. Probably cause I have her play piano with me so much, yep. Good job me.

She can't sit still when she watches this stuff. Always walking up to the tv and then away from it. A big truck sound got her to go all the way to the door to the room with the window, but the tv called her right back. She only slept an hour today, so she'll probably be groggy like all night.

Tonight uncle Ian comes over to hang and then get a ride to the airport for his Michigan vacation. Hopefully Lucy will not be a crying fussy wussy when he arrives.