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Auditing Edio

Today, it's like any other Saturday—I stink, I'm under rested, I worked till 11 last night and I'm in for 10.75hrs today starting at 12:45, my kids are both home, and my wife is at work.

And last night, "I May Have Seen the Devil" opened, featuring a soundtrack designed by none other than me. And my next job is to—

Lucy's pretending to be an inventor.

—to post said soundtrack on Bandcamp, in the hopes that it might draw people in to buy tickets.

And let me tell you, people, you won't be disappointed, if you like your art on the darker, avant side. It talks up, not down, to you.

When I saw the actors running through this thing last Tuesday for the first time with the lights and the music, they brought me to tears. Twice. Ophelia's funeral really works, and coming back from Intermission, Hamlet's evil theme really makes the tense argument between her and the queen seem real. It all works so well together. Where before it had been rehearsal, it finally seemed like a play.

I'm so proud of this thing. It's so good! So anyway, I hope they broke legs last night and by now they're probably rock stars, and at the last performance where I live-perform the music, the day after my 33rd birthday, it's going to rule so hard. I should bring champagne for all the guests that night and toast to the actors and Alejandro and Maren.

Okay, so but I also like have this other, other thing, right? Which is posting my band's Jan.15 Highline show online, which requires some editing. And like any good cook, I handle the first ticket in front of me. So that one's been getting a little old and I wanna get it done. And having to post the play in the back of my mind will hurry me along.

So I got my laptop in the bathroom with me, right? Because I keep it clean in there and I wash the hands and sanitize the buttons and come on, are you gonna tell me you've never taken your laptop into your bathroom with you? I mean, I've got a little table right there. So anyway, I'm in there, editing the Freeze show audio, and BB, still in pajamas at 10am, taking a break from her seventh hour of TV, comes in and goes, "Dad, what are you doing?"

"I'm auditing edio!" was my caffeinated response. And then I started laughing. She went back to her tv and her sister who's usually at school.

If I don't completely screw up my kids, it'll be a miracle.