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Don't We Want to Know Why We're All Here and Having Babies and Stuff?

Prejudices impede us as not only a society, but an entire human race. Societies are temporary and fickle, yet the human race survives. Are we built on upon a system of stacking fickle systems? Are we improving our systems as we move along? That would be ideal. Because I want to know why we're all here, and we're still busy kicking dead horses.

Looking back on our ancestors helps us move away from fantasy, better guard our futures, encompass growth and evolution, discard prejudices, misunderstandings, falsities and their closely following impediments. The longer we hold ourselves back from true progress—inhibited by Old World fantasies, stories, beliefs, opinions—the longer we’re held back from the eventual grande discovery—which I have faith humans will make one day, in maybe 200 or more years—of the nature and scope of our universe. Maybe then will we find an answer to why we are all here. For now, we should be more than honored to be holding up those future humans, as we create the basis for what will one day be their scientific breakthrough that brings us all together as one species, raceless, sexless, together.

What is the universe? Why are we here? We still do not know. We are so tiny. Like less than germs. It’s the ultimate lesson in humility. And here on Earth, there are some groups who would rather carry on in the dark than step toward the light of knowledge. To cast off the past, for Atlas to shrug (haha, sorry) is obviously difficult for some people. Is there some kind of evolutionary trait we all carry that creates barriers to embracing futurism? Is it a component of our cultures that impede us from dropping our weights and shrugging the negativity off, embracing respect for our fellow human? ISIS' female slave trade is still going strong, for example. Slavery one of the worst evils perpetrated from one person upon another. Is it in our power as humans to crush it permanently? It seems that in some corner of the world or another, it'll always pop up.

What if everyone in the world was fed and had all basic needs and human rights taken care of? I think that would be a start to breaking down long-term evil human practices.

Lemme get hippy dippy on you. Prejudices are related to negativity. Conversely, positivity gives us the courage to move forward, to lose jealousy, to encourage, empathize, uplift, to discover, to purge the past, to use our power as constituents to divert funding towards social justice and science. There's a reality ahead of us, not so distant, where our (opposite of ancestors) don’t live in fear—where there’s no more of this ridiculous hunger problem and the poor don’t have to fight to survive—where human trafficking and modern slavery disappears—where we abolish currency—where we lose borders. In the future, we are safe, because science will have made our regular lives that much easier, lessening our daily frustrations, curing diseases faster every generation, giving us new and easier forms of communication, and travel, and opening us all up from what once was a hole, become sky.

It's not going to be simple, but, simply put, it's going to take time. We have evolutionary instincts to overcome. I see us all moving in that direction. Overall, I'm proud of my human race. Overcoming the past has consistently been an incredible wall to climb. We're alive against all odds, and when we can be like, a Star Trek-universe-like-Earth (saw that coming, didn't you), not the Borg, that's gonna be cool. I predict that that is our future.

But for now, here on our own Earth, with our real-life problems, unrelated to any story ever conceived, we have to figure something out. It starts with all of us getting along. That's when we all feed one another. Currently, we’re busy concentrating on our defenses. We divert funds from knowledge, and toward defending our borders. Ah, yes. The all-important borders.

Getting Political Now, Sorry

If Donald Trump became president, I wouldn't care. I'd probably give in to Liberal fear-mongering, but I most likely wouldn't see any difference in my daily life. Like Louis C.K. says in his "Horace and Pete" emails (sign up for his mailing list people, it's great to read what he sends out), having a Republican in office shouldn't be the worst thing in the world. We're all just people. Splitting us into left and right shouldn't be that fractious. Why don't we all drop that shit and just be people?

But man oh man oh man I hope he cleans up his act. Dude is dirty, and a liar. I really want Bernie in there, in my heart of hearts.

I just want to say, as a liberal, that I’m really sick of seeing liberals freak out about right-wingers. You guys aren’t as crazy as we city folk would like to paint you. And I personally don’t care who’s President, because the game is obviously rigged, and by voting, we’re all complicit in a system based on lies (read: campaign promises and how they play out long-term).

Of course, I'm voting Sanders. A bunch of my friends went to the caucus a few days ago, and lo and behold, Washington went to Sanders. But I just want to say that Republicans aren't crazy. Referring to Donald Trump as Adolf Hitler isn't a great way to criticize Trump's policy ideals. Did we like it when we saw all those pics of Obama with a Hitler mustache? But it is good to look to the past to avoid genocide. It's good to keep American Slavery and Hitler close in our minds. It's telling that, in criticising Trump,  we go straight to Hitler, and not like, Slave-Era-United-States, but you know, who's counting. I'm white, I'm around mostly white people in white North Seattle. It's less comfortable to say that the US condoned the needless killings of countless slaves, not to mention the whole slavery part, so we go to Hitler. Fine. But black people know better.

Never forget.

I’m opposed to many of today’s Republican ideals. They support limited governmental roles in our everyday lives, yet they want government to divert resources to upholding Old World beliefs that entail enforcement upon women when they want to get an abortion? Effed up, man. Weird. How have we not passed this yet? Why isn’t that called a nanny state? Republicans want to be our spiritual guiders and parents. They’re worried that us atheist liberals will make us all go to hell. They also hide behind the Founding Fathers—slave owners—who wrote into our Constitution that religion and government should be separated. Are we seeing any contradictions here? It's all a mess. Rewrite the Constitution! #rewritetheconstitution

At least Donald Trump isn’t hiding behind any kind of religious backing, as far as I can tell. He’s an interesting candidate because he built an empire. Sure, some of his ventures may have failed, and he whitewashes, glosses over failures, brags and insists he’s the One True King, changes his story minute by minute, condones killing Middle Easterners' families, says Muslims should not be allowed in our country, wants to build a wall along Mexico—he’s not perfect by any means. He embodies the fear of others that leads to more prejudice, and goes directly against the liberal opinion that acceptance is the way to go, not closing doors.

He says crazy things, just like country folk. You guys carry guns out in the open, knives with you everywhere you go, always ready for combat, while at the same time encouraging combat.

I'm sorry, there I go, slamming Southerners. You know, I really respect you guys. Here I am, mister peaceful in Seattle, not knowing shit about the South, except for what I know about American History. It’s pretty cool here in Seattle, people. Crime is lower here than in SeaTac—that’s a little city south of here, with the big airport. So I've got it pretty good. I moved away from Michigan and the Midwest attitude for many reasons, and I think I found a place I can call home. For now. Not opposed to suggestions. My kids are going to school here now, and the school system here is top-notch, so.... it'll be a hard sell to get me to leave.

I can’t believe I’m making a political post, I apologize. I just want to understand why we're here in the universe. Engaging in politics is a distraction to that. However, it's what's here, what we've got to work with. Uuugghh, guess I'll trudge into the muck and ENGAGE IN CONVERSATION ABOUT DRIVEL, aahhhh yuck